Bucks County KC 2005 - 9-12 Dog

Pictures from Bucks County KC 2005, Judge Mr. W. Bill Toogood

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9-12 class
9-12 Dog class, Erieside Franks A Lot, Reigning Storm Kubota I'm Dign It, Golem Norton E, Roe Jan's Gladiator of Troy, Fantasy GB Crossfire Hurricane


Erieside Franks A Lot


Erieside Franks A Lot


Golem Norton E


Roe Jan's Gladiator of Troy


Fantasy GB Crossfire Hurricane

Roe Jan's Gladiator of Troy

9-12 winners

9-12 Dog class winners: 1st Place Golem Norton E, 2nd Place Fantasy GB Crossfire Hurricane, 3rd Place Roe Jan's Gladiator of Troy, 4th Place Erieside Franks A Lot

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