1998 MCOA National Specialty Pictures Page

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The winning moment. Pam Phoebus and Ch. Iron Hills Into the Night (AKA "Butler") moments after being told they are B.O.B. for the 1998 MCOA National Specialty.


The final cut for BOB, BOW, and BOS. Ch.Iron Hills Into the Night, Willow Run Gideon, Ch Cluny's Snip of Parsley

These are the AOMs. Ch. Maple Creek's Jacob of JGs, Ch. Regal Hills Sudden Impact, Ch. Beau's Ultimate Beef on Rye, Ch. Groppetti Genghis Moses E., Ch. Ridgewood Otis, Ch. Iron Hills Earned Interest, Ch. Groppetti's Dixie of Lazy D. (not pictured, the last AOM, Ch. Acorn Hill Uther Pendragon CGC.)

A line of dogs in BOB. From the left it is Ch. Regal Hills Sudden Impact, Ch. Beaus Ultimate Beef on Rye, Ch. Groppetti's Genghis Moses E, and I'm not sure who the last one is, but I think it's an Otis son.

This should give you an idea of how many dogs were in breed. Multiply the number of dogs you see here by 2.5 and you'll have it!


This is a close up of Beef.


This is a close up of Willy. (Ch. Regal Hills Sudden Impact)


Hey, this is my page, so I can put my dogs on it! ;-P

This is Mom with Pasha (Ch. Old School's Panache) in the breed ring. She made the 1st cut anyway.

Above are the 4 Veteran dog/bitch 1st place winners. Ch Acorn Hill Uther Pendragon CGC, Ch Pinewoods Southwest Breeze, Ch. Ridgewood Otis, Ch.Iron Hills Earned Interest.

Breeder's Cup

This is 1st place in the Breeder's Cup, Creekview mastiffs, breeder Kay Routten. Ch. Creekview's Major Montgomery CD CGC, Ch. Creekview's Cpt Woodrow Call, Ch. Creekview Plantation Boo Bear CD CGC.

2nd place in the Breeder's Cup, Justinlove mastiffs breeder Pam Lenahan. Justinlove Big Ben, Justinlove Scarlet Fever, Justinlove Silvertone Raven. (all pictured are only 18 mths old)

3rd in the Breeder's Cup, Willow Run mastiffs, breeder Betty and Tony Yocum. Willow Run Gideon, Willowruns Majestic Gabrielle, Willow Run Shalom.

4th in the Breeder's Cup, His Majesty mastiffs, breeder Eva Gomez. Ch. His Majesty's Rose of Sharon, Ch His Majesty Lily of the Valley, Ch His Majesty Gwen-Pine Knowl.


The 3 braces in catalog order (1st place, 3rd place, 2nd place is how they ended up)

Ch. Fantasia's Corky's Chloe CGC and Ch Tippets Victoria CD

Skamanias Chi Chi Le Beau and Wynikka Overmoore Thum-Bo-Lena

Night Stalker War Painted Wagon and Ch Iron Hills Color My Wagon

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